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lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Foto posible de Espíritu Capturado por Equipo de Investigación Paranormal

August 8, 2011; Ghost videos presents - The Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team has investigated a few of the places most haunted properties. Their skeptical group associates usually get plenty of photos in the dark. However their most current destination produced back a surprising picture that is producing ghost believers out of the biggest of doubters.
Skeptic and co-founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team Robert McCall says that the first thing in his mind is to disprove it.

Robert usually spends a lot of time proving apparent haunting in the region to be false. He asserts that a lot of times people believe there is something unusual in a room only to discover that the room is where the circuit breaker box is located or meters on the outside of the wall where a lot of energy is usually present. Occasionally individuals believe they are hearing things from most likely ghost only to know that they are just hearing normal things.

However, something that took place during his recent ghost hunt that kept Robert with no description. A family in north Springfield called the team because of some unusual things that were taking place in their property.

Robert says that during their investigation he decided to turn off the lights and locked all the doors. He came around to lock up the entrance door and as soon as he turned the corner he noticed a growling interference on his EVP and observed something darker then dark move around in the passageway so he just began getting photos of a totally dark passageway with no one presently there.
There was nobody in the hallway but something different revealed on camera.

McCall says that when he first viewed the image, he saw a reaper, which is common of what you would consider. Later on, it virtually seems like a mother and child.
Co-Founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team Courtney Cunningham at first believed that maybe he got an image of himself in the mirror. However, when they turned it to black and white and filtered out a few of the contrast she was scared. She was a huge disbeliever at first and the image changed her mind.

At this point, the staff of doubtful ghost hunters has a few less doubters.
Courtney depicts that ghosts are very true. She continues saying that people must just got to believe in something bigger than them.
Robert says that the picture has been delivered off to a paranormal investigative organization in the St. Louis region for validation.

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